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Shiny Lip Gloss


1ml - £180

0.55ml - £120

Nurse Chelseys most popular treatment!

several techniques are used to created a bespoke lip shape to suit your needs. russian technique is available as well as nano technique.


We use top quality products from high end pharmacys to ensure we are using clinically safe products with proven results.


We use Belotero, Teoxane, Juvederm, Restyline to name a few. 

Worried about pain?

Most of Chelseys clients comment how gentle she is with the needle compared to previous practitioners. Chelseys nursing background is as a Sister on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, we believe that due to working with such tiny, premature and sick babies she has adapted a injection technique that is gentle.


We use topical numbing cream, ice and vibration stimulants to help with the pain during the procedure. 

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